The free online dragon game is a fantasy multiplayer role-playing game that can be played with a browser without downloading. Everyone can register and join one of the camps, to cast them in a constant battle for supremacy.

Your character will evolve throughout the game and its level will increase with his achievements. By choosing to equip certain weapons and armor, you customize your fighting style to do blows to the skull, if you know how to avoid enemy attacks. But your choice is not definitive and if you decide during the game to change the fighting style of your character, you just have to equip it with a different armor.

Game combat system

The fighting with the dragons is impressive by the simplicity of its intuitive interface and by the multitude of shots and effects that are proposed. The heroes have different avenues of attack and defense according to their class, their equipment, their level, etc.. An incredible number of potions and elixirs allows fighters to regain strength during the game fight to resist longer against the enemy. From a certain level, certain warriors and mages have more magical powers.

There are several types of combat in a poker race: duels, fighting collective and chaotic fighting. But it is also possible to measure the characters of the enemy race: in some places, particularly near ports and Holdem portals, sometimes action escalates into fighting great battles which involved hundreds of players from both races. Characters who win victories against the enemy race enters the list of the best players and are rewarded with points of valor that provide access to armor, chips and unique items. It is also possible to join influential groups, such as the underground knights protecting the mines against enemy attacks, to enter the caves in missions that require your tactical decisions. In fighting opponents, you will gain experience that enables you to reach the next level. All you accomplish appear in your profile as visible achievements for all to see.

All these elements make the rich and subtle dynamic and exciting matches because the result does not depend solely on your luck but mostly on your skills and strategy. You will find a detailed description of the game rules in the beginner's handbook of the online game. The weapons and armor of your character is visible on your profile so that you can make matches. So, you just take a look at your opponent to find its level and its equipment.

The game world

Besides the fierce battles against monsters or enemy faction, the game offers many opportunities for interaction and cheerful solidarity within the community of players. Exciting events are held regularly in the game such as freerolls, they continue the story of the destiny of both races. Bodies can be grouped with players of your race to confront monsters and powerful bosses and earn rewards at the height of your achievements. Many influential groups within the game also allow you to gain reputation by providing regular scarce resources. They open the door of their stores where you access objects and gifts that are found nowhere else. As for fans of puzzles, they find happiness by doing countless intriguing quests assigned to them by the many non-player characters. Missions of all types await you, and rewards if you manage to make the right decisions and if you have the strength and courage to face some challenges.

You can also perform more of the many occupations available and thus gain experience and money gambling picking plants, fishing, processing of minerals and gems in healing your elf comrades. You'll have easy access to gold, silver and bronze by selling the resources you have collected or processed and changing them into cash. To do this, you have access to the shops, a hotel auctions as well as a chat channel where to talk business with other characters. The economy of the game has been carefully crafted and trading is a simple activity.

For the figures to move quickly on both sides of the online fantasy game, they have access to many more exotic creatures to increase the speed of their warriors, but they provide valuable assistance to combat. Some frames do not overlap, while others are only available after having completed some quests. You can also buy a small pet that follows you everywhere. If you take good care of your pet, it will not hesitate to come to your aid in battle.

You should have no fear of verbal abuse. The guards watch over the course of the game and if you're patient and ambitious, you will perhaps be the next to enter the ranks of those valiant defenders of order and peace in the game. Meanwhile, the atmosphere is both relaxed and exciting allowing you to communicate with other players, make new friends and who knows, maybe meet the love of your live. Many players who meet in the fabulous scenery eventually come together in clans, attacking monsters side by side and attacking all the fortresses. Create your own social network where you can connect with friends, exchange opinions about baccarat rules or even get gifts.

Finally, the game is only available on the official game servers. Think it out in your free time, you can make the game known to your friends and invite them to join you there because you know what they say: the more the merrier!