The allure of monopoly

This game was created in 1904 and after a century of technological advancements and innovations, this game still remains immensely popular. So why hasn't this board game been thrown into the trash heap with the creation of interactive gaming systems? This article will look into this in some detail.

Most people remember learning about how the real estate and financial markets work by playing this game. It is a game that comprises of boxes representing real estate like hotels, transport systems like railroads and utility companies. It also has segments representing jail and free parking. The object of the game is to create a monopoly by buying up so much property that no one will be able to make a move without paying you. Some of the obvious benefits of playing this game include:

Developing of strategic thinking

The only way that someone can win at this game is strategically buying out the most important properties. This is skill that is learned by all players and can be adopted in real life situations in business and in work.

Improves calculation skills

Monopoly is played with fake money. As the game progresses, players receive payments, give out payments, and pay fines etc. all of which require a person to do a lot of mental calculations. This improves a person's mathematical skills which are a big help in the world of business and in general life.

Improves social skills

The multi-player game teaches players how to interact with other people in the real world. There will be constant conversation in the game play which will comprise of arguments and conflict resolutions. Social skills are especially important to young players as such skills will be necessary when growing up.

Teaches prudence and honesty

Players start the game with a vision of where they want to end up. A person that wants to win with a level of consistency will start thinking how to outsmart everyone else in an honest way. It will also make a player learn how to do things speedily and accurately. These skills are important not only in winning the game but also in real life.

Choosing careers

In monopoly, a few career opportunities are seen. There's banking where a player keeps track of all the money, real estate development where a player builds hotels and rental property on acquired land to increase rent and rates, public works etc. This is a way for young players to understand how the real work environment is set up. It also prompts them to start thinking on the career opportunities they would be interested in.

It is a lot of fun

Anyone who has ever played the game of monopoly will tell you that they had a very good time. The interaction, the constant conversing, the money etc. all provide a very pleasant experience. It is usually a very good way to relax and unwind.

In a nutshell, monopoly is still popular because creators found a way to implement real world activities into a very simple and engaging board game.