I'd like to find a good set of role games other than those seen too much nowawdays. It has virtually no fantasy worlds with elves, dwarves, magic, combat Lepe, etc. If possible games more real looking (or which is happening in space, then other than elves games). And no game that is played on the internet (paying a monthly subscription in addition to the price of the game, name thank you)

The questions also is what PC support, what paper, which console? With RPG solo you have the great mass effect at this time (Xbox360), SF background well written and well built. For older ones you have BioWare Star Wars Kotor as well (Xbox or PC and not expensive), even older you have Fallout 1 & 2 (available on PC in budget format). Dungeon RPG at you Dark Chronicles PS2, RPG tactics you Disgaea & Co (All Nippon Ichi => PS2). Mention may be made of final fantasy, rogue galaxy, Skye of arcadia ... MMO on PC, you have EVE Online (also SF), City of Heroes/Villains, Pirates of the Burning Sea, including without elaborating on what you want it is hard to advise only a few titles.

Freedom to write and speak with impunity marks the extreme kindness of the prince or the slavery of the people. Ah dsl is on PC, and preferably single-player games. I liked Star Wars KOTOR and Vampire the Masquerade, but I would like more recent multi-player games.

Difference between RPG and MMPORG games

A MMORPG is played necessarily via the net with many players. While others can be played solo or in multiplayer with a limited number. This is what you seek. By cons sorry, I can not really help. Next RPG games lately, it is especially fantastic worlds. Otherwise you must fall back on old games. Even if these are games that have a year or two. Fallout by cons who has 10 years, too. Witcher, one of the best RPG currently available. yes I spotted that, but it's the same, it's still a fantastic world with elves and everything right, no? Ii it as good as the vampire masquerade? But this one is among the very best in writer / atmosphere / background / richness of the dialogues

There is a pirate who is out recently but you cannot play in on the internet. Otherwise you can wait that Space Siege looks pretty in the RPG genre SF. But there would be no other really coming out of the ordinary in a future world, space... Anachronox you, even if it's a bit old it's still a good rpg. Mass Effect on 360 which is worth seeing. And if not ... Arcanum PC that expertly mixes fantasy and sf.

  • Jade Empire (I have not tested yet).
  • Hellgate London XD
  • Guild Wars (cay good game online but you pay only the game has no subscription)
  • STALKER (although this is a FPS RPG has one side - inventory, quests primary / secondary)
  • Deus Ex (ditto)

Hellgate is pure delight I doubt it fits into his research, but you never know. Are you possibly interested in gambling games, like poker of blackjack. These games have no elves and they can be real addictive. Stalker, for having played an RPG like taking my time, I confirm it's really cool! Guild Wars and there's no elf but it is fantasy (having said that I had the same search criteria and have held up well nightfall). I just found Planescape: Torment, I tested it with the EeePC and I had never done it, but it's a super weird fantasy, in fact it makes me think more than a Hellraiser Baldur Like, AC exchange and elfes! But it's old. Incidentally, but it may be good because I'm an ex-fanboy, but I can offer in Anarchy Online MMORPG certificate online, CERT has aged, but is still free, especially with an ambience that is not reactivating account that fight.

Planescape is just one of the best RPG in the history of the genre. For cons, I think he is too old for her research. Otherwise, all play Fallout and Arcanum. And Gears of Wars, you know them? One troll rull 'em all! And no game that is played on the internet (pay subscription all less with the price of the game). The series of Fallout, Arcanum (made by the same guy I think), is still one of the best product around. Try holdem poker at full tilt or pokerstars, this is real different from elves games.