Bridge - the Fun Lover's Card Game

Bridge or contract bridge as it is also known, is a game which involves memory, tactics and communication skills.

It is usually played with a 52 cards deck and involves four players in two partnerships. Basically, a trick-taking card game, bridge has many variants and bidding systems depending on the players' interests, club and country where it is played.

This card game has come a long way from just being played by friends around a table to high stake club games and even large tournaments like the World Bridge Championships held each year where hundreds participate.

History has it that this game of skill and chance is a development of the popular card game, Whist. Bridge became highly popular in the 1890s both in the United States and UK; it is believed that the modern version came into being in 1904 and one of the individuals who played a significant role in this was Harold Stirling Vanderbilt among others.

Today, this game enjoys high popularity in the US where the variant, duplicate bridge, is constantly played at clubs and tournaments. Online version of this game was also launched recently which has actually taken away people from the tables to the computer screens. The most popular variant in UK is rubber bridge and still remains a favorite for many at social functions, homes and clubs.

A social misconception of this game is that the rules and strategies are too hard and complicated; hence it is best left to experts. This is totally false; yes, the game requires skill and concentration but the rules are easy to follow and any novice can play this game with ease.

In fact, millions of bridge lovers across the globe play this game for only one reason - fun. Unlike other card games which are more frequently played in casinos and clubs, bridge is often played at homes or in social gatherings between friends and family members. But having said this, it is also true those world class tournaments and championships are also held every year by those who want to take this game to the next level.

Bridge has become a favorite among the retired community across the globe. But today, there are many young players who have seriously taken to this game. In fact there are schools in North America where you can officially get trained in this card game.

Another reason why this game has become very popular is because of the fact that it can be played easily by the hearing impaired. Clubs have now begun to use special bidding boxes to enable silent bidding for such people. This is a prime example of how much this game of skill and chance is enjoyed by card lovers all across the world.

One of the most famous players of this game has to be Ely Culbertson who after winning a marathon game in the 1930's became an expert writer on the game and its strategies. Some other popular names of this game include Iain MacLeod and Terence Reese; the latter, in spite of being a master of the game, was caught in many cheating scandals.

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